Featured Programs

Saturday Night Rock N’ Roll Party Show with Mark Gould

WOW-FM CELEBRATES THE 33RD YEAR OF MARK GOULD’S ‘SATURDAY NIGHT ROCK N’ ROLL PARTY SHOW’. Mark Gould has been a student of rock and roll ever since his father bought him his first 45rpm record in the 50’s. From that point, he began amassing a huge record collection. Mark began broadcasting his ‘Saturday Night Rock… read more

At The Drive-In with Peter Mitchell

Saturdays 11 am – 1pm I first toyed with the idea of doing a radio program a decade ago, with a young mate of mine, who thought I would be O.K. as a radio presenter. Not believing him, I gave it a go and this is where the personality of ‘Pistol Pete’ was born. Making… read more

The History Show with Dr. Jill Brannock

Tuesdays 9am – 10am The History Show shines its spotlight on anything and everything: from the history of wine, Lawrence of Arabia, the invention of the printing press, the writer W B Yeats, the history of childhood, the Colosseum, the discovery of anaesthetic, the Roman empress Agrippina, the scientist Rosalind Franklin, to daily life in… read more

Hits & Misses with Paul Russell

Hits & Misses with Paul Russell – Fridays 3pm – 6pm I started presenting Hits and Misses on WowFM in January 2000. I had been answering the phones for Mark Gould at another community station for some years and I wanted to try doing my own program. I approached WOW-FM and started on air the… read more

Saturday Dogs Breakfast

Saturday Dogs Breakfast with Colin Wood – Saturdays 7 am – 11 am Faced with a future of embittered resentment after being retrenched when Santa’s Workshop closed just before it melted due to Global Warming, I was fortunate to be recruited by WowFM to present an hour of Diverse Music on Sunday Mornings  in between… read more

A Touch of Ireland with Sammy & Brian

Sundays 10am – 12pm A Touch of Ireland, the long-running WOW FM program broadcasting every other Sunday between the hours of 10 am and 12 noon, has touched the hearts and minds of the Irish and their friends in the outer west of Sydney for over a quarter of a century. Noel O’Donohue, an enterprising… read more

Music Memories with Isobel Impell

Wednesdays 12pm – 2pm My name is Isobel Impell and I have been invited to tell you a little about myself and my programme ‘Music Memories’ which can be heard weekly on WOW FM Wednesday midday through to 2pm. About 18 months ago I joined the Blue Mountains Ukulele Group and meet Graeme Robinson, who… read more

McCarthy Educational Chat Show

Mondays 6pm – 7pm The McCarthy Educational Chat Show has been presented by Craig Laffin for almost three years. The show is a community contribution by McCarthy Catholic College, a diocesan high school of 800 students at Emu Plains. The show broadcasts each Monday 6-7pm and showcases guests in a chat format. Guests come from… read more

Music 2 Dance To with Frank Petersen

Fridays 12pm – 2pm My first encounter with Ballroom Dancing occurred not long after leaving school. My girlfriend at the time asked me to partner her when she made her debut. Young men and women once took part in the tradition of ‘Coming Out’, known as a Debutante Ball. Being presented to Society in a… read more

The Italian Program with Jim Tiberi

Tuesdays 10am – 12pm I arrived in Australia with my mother and father as a young 8 year old child. Within a few months I was speaking reasonable English and life was almost back to normal for me. I started my working life as an apprentice electrician, after 18 months I thought that it wasn’t… read more

Malama’s Greek Night Out

Wednesdays 6pm – 7pm Malama is the host of ‘Malama’s Greek Night Out’ heard on WOW FM from 6.00pm weekly on Wednesday nights. A very experienced presenter Malama has worked for John Laws as a researcher, Gary O’Callaghan as music director and has hosted her own talk-back radio shows, set up new radio stations and… read more