Music Memories with Isobel Impell

Wednesdays 12pm – 2pm

Isobel Impell

My name is Isobel Impell and I have been invited to tell you a little about myself and my programme ‘Music Memories’ which can be heard weekly on WOW FM Wednesday midday through to 2pm.

About 18 months ago I joined the Blue Mountains Ukulele Group and meet Graeme Robinson, who was also a ‘Blue Mug’ (an affectionate name for members of the ‘Blue Mountains Ukulele Group’) and he introduced me to community radio about 16 months ago.  At the time Graeme was a presenter on community radio in Katoomba.

We started talking at one of our gigs about community radio and I said that would interest me. So he ask if I would like to come on his show one evening and co present his program. I took up his offer and the following week I went again and Graeme gave me control of the operating panel where I was loading the CD players with music, controlling the sponsors and community announcements which needed to played during his program, I guess I was thrown in the deep end. The experience was exhilarating and rewarding and gave me a taste of what was to come, community radio.

The next step I had some training and then I was allocated a time and day for my own program. I became a presenter on community radio in Katoomba and was there for 10 months but found the travelling very tiring each week so I applied to WOW FM in May 2016.

I have been with WOW FM for 5 months and love what I am doing. My program’s format is quite simple, I invite a guest into the studio for the 1st hour of my program, it could be local talent such as artists performing or visual, songwriters, musicians, poets, authors, producers, local business owners and community members with interesting stories to share.

I have always worked in administration dealing with public relations and customer service and have good organizational and supervisor skills which has helped me in this role.

I am a mother of 4 children and have 4 beautiful granddaughters. I have been a single parent for the last 23 years and managed to bring up 3 beautiful daughters who are very responsible and caring in their own lives and show great love and sensitivity to their gorgeous brother who has Downs Syndrome.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me so please join me each Wednesday between 12noon and 2pm for “Music Memories” where I will transport your music memories to times gone by and if you or someone you know has an interesting story to tell and would like to be my guest please don’t hesitate to contact the studio and they will forward your details to me.