Saturday Dogs Breakfast

Saturday Dogs Breakfast with Colin Wood – Saturdays 7 am – 11 am


Faced with a future of embittered resentment after being retrenched when Santa’s Workshop closed just before it melted due to Global Warming, I was fortunate to be recruited by WowFM to present an hour of Diverse Music on Sunday Mornings  in between ‘Life Study of the Bible’  and  ‘A Touch of Ireland’.

This brought me into contact with firstly Efren Mazo and then those two lovable Irish Rogues Noel Donohue and Jim Clarke. I soon realised that it wasn’t just the music that was diverse at WowFM.

My initial terror at facing a microphone in an empty studio has never fully left me , and remains a source of inspiration to make every word, sentence and paragraph count, regardless of whether they make sense or not. I find this fits nicely into the non format of ‘The Dogs Breakfast’ each Saturday between 7am and 11am, and also the more structured’ less everything else of ‘Mellow Monday’ between 7am and 9am.

I have always believed that humour is something we can all share as an appreciation of life’s ups and downs which can lift our collective spirits without mockery, vilification or abuse.

Perhaps, when it comes to life, we are all in on the joke.

Colin Wood