The History Show with Dr. Jill Brannock

Tuesdays 9am – 10am

Jill Brannock

The History Show shines its spotlight on anything and everything:
from the history of wine, Lawrence of Arabia, the invention of the printing press, the writer W B Yeats, the history of childhood, the Colosseum, the discovery of anaesthetic, the Roman empress Agrippina, the scientist Rosalind Franklin, to daily life in the year 1000. The presenter is Dr Jill Brannock.

Jill, how did you get started in community radio? I was confident that my excitement about history could be effectively communicated through a radio program, and community radio is the perfect medium. Tasman FM management have been wonderfully supportive and enthusiastic about the show, which I have been presenting for more than 7 years.

How did The History Show begin? I gave an interview to the station about local community events, and offered to do a weekly program. Finding a title for the show was not easy, since it covers such a wide range of topics and such a huge period of time. I opted for simplicity, but I am sure there is a better title.

How do you decide what to cover on your show? I like to find people and events that offer scope for debate, and I work very hard to present a balanced view whenever moral or religious controversies are implicit in the topic. I also make sure to let listeners know what key academic sources I am using, especially whenever I include quotes.

Travel back in time with Dr Jill Brannock as she explores famous people, events, and aspects of daily life from the beginning of human civilization to the 21st Century — Tuesdays 9am on WOW-FM 100.7.

Sourced from the CBX magazine – click here for the full article.