Music 2 Dance To with Frank Petersen

Fridays 12pm – 2pm

Ballroom 01My first encounter with Ballroom Dancing occurred not long after leaving school. My girlfriend at the time asked me to partner her when she made her debut.

Young men and women once took part in the tradition of ‘Coming Out’, known as a Debutante Ball. Being presented to Society in a formal elegant way, the ladies often wearing an innocent white gown.

Ballroom 02The selected dance for the occasion was ‘Pride of Erin’, which meant nothing to me as I had no knowledge of Ballroom Dancing. In order to get up to scratch with our dancing prowess some parents kindly conducted lessons. The evening went well, so much so, that I was asked to partner another lady the following year.

However, it has only been since my retirement that time has permitted me to add other dances to the Pride of Erin.

Ballroom Dancing generally falls into three categories;

  1. Standard
  2. Latin
  3. Old Time/ New vogue Sequence Dancing

It has been the latter on which I have concentrated.

A sequence Dance consists of a prearranged order of steps that are repeated during the dance. The dance is choreographed. Hundreds of dances are in this category. Such is its popularity that you could literally go dancing seven days and nights a week in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Ballroom 03Ballroom Dancing allows a form of expression that little else can duplicate. It brings about Joy and laughter if only for the moment. it brings generations together and connects partners nonverbally.

Ballroom Dancing can help improve flexibility, build muscles and bum fat, while also helping to sharpen your mind. People who frequently engage in dancing are less likely to develop dementia than those who never dance.

Some of the other benefits include:

Ballroom 04

  1. Improved emotional well-being
  2. Stress Management
  3. Rehabilitation
  4. Sociability
  5. Strengthen intimate relationships
  6. Romance
  7. Fun

Ballroom Dancing can also be taught in schools to improve fitness levels and reduce obesity as well as developing respect for one another. (Something that is lacking in today’s society).

I feel privileged to be able to present a programme that can offer so much for little cost.

I invite you to join me Fridays 12noon to 2pm for Music 2 Dance to.