Hits & Misses with Paul Russell

Hits & Misses with Paul Russell – Fridays 3pm – 6pm

Three Sisters

I started presenting Hits and Misses on WowFM in January 2000. I had been answering the phones for Mark Gould at another community station for some years and I wanted to try doing my own program. I approached WOW-FM and started on air the following week.

On Hits and Misses I try to play a mix of songs that were in the charts and therefore hits but I also include album tracks, b sides and songs that never were hits. The title for the program comes from the opening theme called Hit and Miss by the John Barry 7+4 which starts the program every week. It was the theme for a 60’s English t.v. program called Juke Box Jury.

There are so many good and even great songs by very well known artists that were never played on radio and it is some of these songs I play each week. To me 50s, 60s and 70s music is not just about the hit records but also very much about the other recordings that were issued but never became popular or were only found on albums.

There was so much fabulous music that came out in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s and it is music that I really hope will continue to be popular and will continue to be played on radio and in homes for many years to come. I enjoy contributing in my small way to continuing to make sure that the music from those three decades continues to be heard.

I have themes to some of my programs which is something my listeners seem to enjoy and I love getting behind the microphone every Friday between 3 and 6pm and playing the music that I hope my listeners enjoy hearing. I would love to hear from you any Friday so please feel free to call me on 9833 1444 while the program is on.