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David Richards

My name is David Richards and I am a Penrith boy, having lived most of my life in and around the Penrith area.

I enjoy being a presenter on our local community radio station WOW FM 100.7. It was with the help of ‘Barnados Youth Group’ that I started as a presenter in 1997. At that stage I possessed a very limited music library, however over the years I have built my collection to over 19,000 tracks. The first cassette I ever owned was a Toni Pearson album released in the 90’s.

I began my working life in a McDonald’s fast food outlet, staying there for 3 years. Among my numerous hobby’s, I most enjoyed playing pinball. In my youth, a couple of dollars would last more than 5 hours, so I spent a lot of my time playing Pinball, receiving certificates¬† as a pinball wizard earning over a billion points. These days I enjoy Tenpin Bowling in my spare time.

MarchingI joined the 21st regional cadet unit in 1991 through to 1999 being trained for living in the field, field hygiene, basic first aid, weapons, map reading and radio procedure. I must admit that I did enjoy camping and parade marching.

SmileI really started listening to radio in the 90’s, mainly stations outside the Sydney area, helping me build an appreciation for the 80’s and 90’s music, which I must admit I really enjoy even today. I continued to learn and gradually grew to enjoy the music from the 50’s, 60’s and the 70’s and I pride myself that in my programmes I play the music from the ‘Baby Boomers 50’s, 60’s music all the way music through to the music of today.

Please tune in, I’m sure you’ll enjoy my collection of popular and rare recordings that I have in my collection.

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