Batesy’s Backyard with Lynne Bates

Lynne Bates

No, it’s not a gardening show as the name suggests, although Lynne Bates is a keen gardener. Lynne, who describes herself as “an old rock and roller”, is a local presenter from Kingswood NSW and hosts two popular shows on WOW-FM.

This multi-talented presenter plays drums and loves rock music, and she has mingled with well-known musicians over the years. She loves the music of a wide variety of genres and has a special passion for Aussie music. Lynne has been a presenter for the last five years, having spent two years on Radio 99.7 in Brisbane, and almost three years at WOW-FM.

She enjoys playing pool, and is also an avid lover of live gigs, live theatre and shows and she usually goes to see live music or attends music festivals at least once a week. Lynne’s programs on WOW-FM are “Batesy’s Backyard”, which can be heard at 1pm to 3pm on Tuesdays, and “Batesy Through The Years” at 10am to 11am on Mondays.